Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday hohum

You know that feeling when you're so close yet so far to the weekend? In a nutshell, that pretty much describes how I feel on Fridays.

I think what makes this Friday extra dragging is the fact that I have to wake up earlier than I already do for a workday. Tomorrow (a frickin) Saturday, I have to be up at 5 in the morning to make it to 7AM in Alabang to make it to 8AM to Tagaytay. And to think I wake up 6ish on regular work days. Forgive the cranky granny, it's just that I feel seriously deprived when am asked to wake up outrageously early on a Saturday.

On the upside though, we are headed up to Tagaytay to celebrate Big Boss' 40th birthday. Yeah, I guess I'm getting ahead of the myself with all the crankiness. It's good food, nice place, and plenty of reasons to be happy and gay! Hahaha!

Tomorrow will be fun. Tomorrow will be a good day. Tomorrow will be stress-free. Dear universe, for your compliance. Thank you!

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