Thursday, March 18, 2010


A good number of weeks ago, I mooched off a buttload of TV shows from Blanche. I must've copied half her hard drive's worth of TV shows. I copied mostly just to watch 30Rock but she was kind enough to give me other TV shows I am slightly interested in, but never would have downloaded on my own i.e., Chuck.

I've had Chuck season 1 in my hard drive since I first copied shows from Blanche. I just never really got around to watching. I am interested alright, but since I am a pretty moody TV watcher, I have to be a certain vibe so I can watch a certain show. And for the longest time, I never got the "Chuck vibe" -- well, until last Tuesday.

As with any other show, it helps a lot that the main squeeze is good looking :p I like Chuck Bartowski because he has an adorable mop of curly hair, that messy-but-working-for-him look, and overall steady geek vibe. He's like a grown up version of Seth Cohen and a rougher, more manly, less pretty boy version of Ted Mosby. Kat likes this :)

Chuck the show is a spy-inspired series without the stiff seriousness characteristic of anything that has remotely to do with the CIA and the NSA. Chuck the character is overly conscious, talks in long awkward sentences, and apologetic making for a very adorable loser. I love it how he is unaware of his great person which makes him really genuinely charming. I think I may be giving too much away of my real life preferences over this discussion on Chuck Bartowski :p

I also love Chuck's endearing brother-sister show of love with Ellie Bartowski, the big sis. It is endearing how they show they look out for each other without crossing that icky borderline for sibling love. The endearing sibling schtick works so well it makes me feel sad about not having siblings.

It's also interesting to point out how the women in this show are unbelievably tall. Ellie is almost as tall as Chuck who stands over 6 feet. Agent Sarah Walker also stands almost shoulder to shoulder with Chuck. Imagine when the puny Rachel Bilson guest starred and stood side by side with Sarah, she looked like a tiny pet cat! It felt like Sarah can step on Lou, the Rachel Bilson character, and crush her under her feet if she wants to. I love that Chuck moment.

I am amazed at how much I like this show considering I'm only a good 1 season into it. I'm excited to finish season 1 and get into season 2 and work my way to the current episode! Blanche was berating me for only watching Chuck now. It' s that awesome of a TV show that you miss a lot TV-wise if you're not into it. So yeah, I guess it's hello 5-hour nights again until I get to the current ep :p

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