Monday, October 28, 2013

Super Vivid Dreaming 2 - The One with the Fighting

Note: I wrote this piece many weeks ago. Sometime around September. Putting it up here cos the blog seems sad and abandoned hehe. And the last post I wrote I sounded too sure and too happy, and you know as with anything, it too goes away. So here's a naked post about many too personal things.

A bit of back story. There's this boy who shall henceforth be known as G. He's dreamy and I only know him by face. I'd like to think he knows me by face cos we've locked eyes a few occasions, but that's it. And he keeps getting starring roles in my dreams. Also, it's Super Vivid Dreaming 2 because yes, this wasn't the first time.This is long and may toe the line of overshare. You have been warned.


So. I dreamed about G. AGAINNN.

Let's back up a bit. Remember last time when G started Super Vivid Dreaming Wednesday? That was the time we started calling him 'Fergie.'

Based on my extensive tabloid knowledge, the Josh Duhamel-Fergie love story is an interesting one. Apparently, Josh dreamt about Fergie back when they didn't know each other yet. Some time later, they met at a red carpet event. Josh being the special human that he is went up to Fergie and told her, Hey I dreamt about you! Fergie, who also is a very special human being (and happens to be hot enough to pull things off) then said, how about we make that dream a reality? KABOOM.

They started going out shortly after that and eventually ended up getting married. I think that's more than enough return for a suave, 'hey I dreamt about you' line.

Anyhoo, in my reality, I uh, am the Josh Duhamel haha. That's how G became Fergie. No happy ending yet for this reverse Josh-Fergie. We have yet to see that red carpet event, I have yet to be hot enough to pull things off, and more importantly, we have yet to 'formally' meet. So in a nutshell, things have yet to happen.

Enough with the back story, back to two nights ago. Exit Hollywood reality, enter my Super Vivid Dreaming Part 2. I found myself with Fergie in my old church. I don't remember what we were doing there.

Oddly though, it felt so normal, as if we were supposed to be together and we were supposed to be there. I'd even go out on a limb and say we were a couple. I had these warm fuzzy feelings in my stomach and I think at some point we were holding hands.

I was carrying this Chanel-like bag in a cream color - which I had no idea at the time, would play a pivotal role in this super vivid dreaming.

We get out of the church and hailed, wait for it... a tricycle. (No, it's not a euphemism for a 'three-way.' And no, this is not some sexed-up dream so you can lay off the raunchy expectations on this one. Haha.) We hailed a tricycle, a three-wheeled mode of public transport where we both fit in nicely.

I don't know how dream logic workds but IRL I have no idea how we - me, a size 12 girl and him, a boy who's over 6 feet and not lanky (sorry G! At least I didn't say chunky heee) -- can comfortably fit in a standard issue public transport tricycle that's built for small/petite/cute-sized Asians (which we both are not). But it is a dream so we do, and not in a snug way, but in a very comfortable, this-feels-like-the-backseat-of-a-sedan kinda way.

I prop the cream Chanel bag on the floor of the tricycle (yes, that much legroom) and continue on with the ride. I'd like to remember this dream as the one where we were snuggling in the backseat. Not in a raunchy grabbing-each-other way, but in a steady I'm-happy-you're-here-with-me kinda way. What up details and feelings!

Fergie says silly things throughout the ride (we don't get anywhere, btw), we make cute small talk, and in the dream I'm just convinced he's the funniest. I don't remember anything he said in particular I just remember thinking, damn this guy's funny! We were so adorable in the dream sequence, if this were a romantic comedy, this would've been the montage to showcase our couple cuteness.

And then, dun dun dun dun...  Fergie's shoe touches the Chanel bag and leaves skid marks.

Again, dream logic prevails and I get so worked up. Normally IRL, I'm not that OC about my bags. It would've gotten to me but I wouldn't get that pissed. So dream me gives Fergie a piece of here mind. I tell him how not cool it was for him to kick the bag and leave black marks on the Chanel.

Of course since this is the romantic comedy playing in my dream, I get mad in that cutesy, I'm-mad-but-I'm-hoping-you'd-kiss-me-after-so-it-can-all-go-away kinda way. I was fully expecting Fergie to be so apologetic that I will not be able to help but forgive him because he's being so fucking cute.

But wait, twist and turns! Instead of saying sorry and being cute, Fergie gets all worked up too and up in arms explaining why it was merited for his to kick that bag. (I know wtf, right? Haha!)

But here's the bigger surprise. Instead of getting mad that Fergie's not sorry, I get so turned on that he's worked up and angry and totally holding his own on this tiny argument of ours!

So instead of giving in and saying, 'no baby, it's no big deal,' I get into full on combat mode and get on with the argument. I keep throwing things at him (not literally, don't worry) to try to get a reaction from him. And the angrier he gets, the happier I get. Don't worry, I hear how sick that sounds haha.

The moral of this dream is that there are 2 things that get me going:
1. Boys with the 5 o'clock stubble (and pretty faces)
2. Boys (with pretty faces) getting mad and being able to hold their own in an (unforgiving) argument with me (with wit and brevity and charm and a pretty face.)

The END.

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