Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Wine not?

Friday night was Wine Night with Rach and P at Barcino's, Fort. I was just all too happy to see both my girls, given Rach's crazy law school sched and well, Princess' insane attachment to her containers :p

We did Friday night, fish out of water style. We all (or yeah, maybe just me) got excited at the idea of wine night. Rach doesn't drink wine. I don't drink wine. And among the three of us, it was only P that has actually gone out to drink wine and can say she enjoys it. But the idea of drinking wine, with your girlfriends, makes me kilig cos it's sounds so sophisticated. Even if we (I, most especially) don't really know how to pick wine, how to pick what cheese it goes with which wine,  and how to go about "Wine Night" in general. Suffice it to say, this night we get schooled!

Rach and P and Me at Barcino
P and I had dimsum dinner at Causeway before we headed out to Fort to meet Rach. We got to Fort a little early, so P started off with a really cool mojito from Rastro. Side bar, P and I (and Rach, too!) are so going back to Rastro to sample more of the mojitos! Not only are they pretty, they're yummy, too! Going back to wine night, shortly after the mojito, Rach came so we moved to Barcino.In an odd turn of events, P's super boss gave her a call and they ended up talking on the phone for a looong time. This left me and Rach standing by the bar, very much clueless about wines. We must've said 'awkward' a few hundred times. In my head, all I could think of was how Ted/Barney/Robin/Lily/Marshall do it at MacLarens. I kept trying to recall how they acted when they stood by the bar. Well, it didn't really work for me.We looked like scared kids lining up for a tetanus shots, we were standing by the bar contemplating whether to stay there or to get our "mommy" (Okay, this isn't such a strong metaphor). After maybe half an hour of fidgeting, P swung by inside and pointed stuff at the wine listing while still on the phone with the super boss and picked out that night's wine: Sparkling white.I think it just has to be said that, while I was growing gravely concerned over P's protracted work phone call on a Friday night out, I felt more sorry for her for having to sit through such a long, and may I add work, phone call on a night out! No worries P, no offense taken from me and Rach :)2 white wine bottles later, I was sufficiently buzzed, Rach was buzzed enough to start talking about her "stories" and surprisingly, P was fucking drunk! This was a good night :) In between happy bowls of chips, and waiting by the bar like idiots, and the crazy clouds of smoke in the smoking area, I would have to say there has to be Wine Not Part 2 :)Thanks Rach and P, til our next Friday night!

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