Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday (non) Holiday

Today is July 2 and it is Pasig Day. Actually, that is none of my business considering I work in Quezon City. But my brain today is acting like a Pasig resident because it is on involuntary holiday. My eyes are droopy, my brain refuses like to think, and today I feel like I have the energy of a cardboard box. Hooray.

I wonder how I will go on the workday today. I was originally looking forward to wine night with Rach and P to help me tide through today. But P is sick, so Sophisticated Friday might not push through tonight. So at 9AM I am aimlessly trudging on towards the end of today. Hmm, I wonder how that'll work out for me.

I feel so heavy and sleepy and I can totally see my bed sheets waving at me, calling me back. I want to live like a 23-year old but my body isn't cooperating. All it wants to do is go home and do a lazy Sunday on a non-holiday Friday.  For shame, 23-year old me, for shame!

Okay, back to (attempting to) work.

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