Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tonight I sleep happy :)

Tonight's the first in a long time I had a Thank You thought bubble without the sarcasm. Tonight I mean it. Thank youuuuu! :)

To the people who made my night,thank you from the bottome of my newly un-jaded heart. You three are still my top betches :)

And to my circumstance, thank you that you are figuring yourself out. Thank you for the teeny weeny good things that are actually materializing. Let's keep it going, I could use more good news :) Heehee.

Okay, bedtime :)

*sings to the flowers* Aaaaaah ah ah ah aaaaaaah :P Good days ahead I can tell :)


  1. told u im going to visit your blog today...haha

    Happy Birthday!=)Thanks for yesterday!it was fun fun fun!hahaha

  2. Heyyy. I had funnnn, too! Thanks thanks! :)

  3. who's anonymous? kahit pen name lang man wla.. hahahaha! may identity crisis ata.. =))
    hmph! alam ko na why wou slept happy. and d pala kami ung reason. hahaha! i'm happy for you. time to shine, katc. bwhahahahaha!

  4. Time to shine! Bwahaha! Haynako Rach, you have ideas that are way too evuuuul :P

  5. ako si anonymous person natamad ako mag sulat ng name..
    and for the record wala akong identity crisis..hahaha defensive!;D

    ayy bat ka happy katc alam ko ba yun?!hehehe


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