Tuesday, February 19, 2008

*Insert sigh of relief here*

I think at the least I earned a sigh of relief :) Even after the Feasib, things still felt tight. And why wouldn't they, seven days before our event, all the betches of the badass rich corporations still havent made up their fickle minds. No Yes-es or No-s for us -- just Call Us Back Agains. And then came our Saturday, and then I was happy.

Deja Vu finally :) I'd just like to say my thank yous. Hello Mr. sponsor, Tand.uay, how can I forget? Mr. Will.iam A.ng, you really were the nicest. Thank you for being true to your Feb8 promise. Ooh, and I love the Cookies 'n Cream drink!

And to everyone AIESEC who came, much love to all of youuu! :) Of course, to the OC, just like in the group text, Dennischua, Marlowejavier, Jeromelu, Nikkilibrada, thankyouuuuu! and Phoebesebastian, thank you thank you! Yay to the OC :)

Saving the best for last, for my favorite betches :) It wouldn't be half as fun had you guys not made it! Three cheers to good times, acting drunk when sober, pretending to be sober when drunk, three tonnes of blue eye shadow, badass dancing :P, and um, sharing! And then am happy :)

I never thought "sharing" was such a value in this friendship :P He must be hot! And erm, sweaty. Good times, good times :)


  1. sharing is good. :D
    *that's what my grade school teacher told me*
    i'm an obedient kid.

  2. Okay then, let's follow what the grade school teacher says :P


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