Friday, July 13, 2007

one (freaking) report down :D

today is a happy-sad day. but no worries -- happy wins :D

today is Sir Capili 's (yes, the one i wrote that i-was-floored entry about :P) last SEA 30 day. it's sad cos he's one of the happy reasons for my Mondays and Thursdays -- sometimes even the only happy reason :P i guess his i-will-make-your-self-esteem-better pep talks were working, at least at making my day. haha. the novelty of the entire thing kinda faded nung day2, but i guess when you're genuinely having fun, novelty or no novelty, the kick's still there :) oh how i will miss all the UP wisecracks and how winning basketball is not everything and how the la salle boys NEED to be good at bball and my absent classmates rolling in the lagoon and all those eng'g and masscom people making out in CAL and all the popular friends and yes, even Cambrige and Tokyo U and Aus U. hay Sir, you will be missed. and and.. i've never wished this hard i could take CW10 *sigh*

just to make the memory a happy one, and so that i have some happy thought i could pick out on bad days, here are some of Sir's oft-quoted lines that make my day. yes, i wrote them with in my notebook :) *nerd*

  • from day1 -- some stellar advice: know what you want, know your strength
  • remember: aggressively repulsive -- Sir on being confident but never overboard
  • quoting Wang Gungwu on the people in UP: when you are unaccepting of their quirks, you are out of place :) very well said :D
  • to be happy, you have to know what's best for you
  • the first rule in life is that there are NO rules
  • never let anyone tell you you're not beautiful, not intelligent, or that you can never make it -- prove them wrong. *rawr, there goes my self-esteem up by thirty points :)*
  • life is like a beauty pageant, it's all about learning to camouflage your flaws and playing up your assets
  • never allow negativity to eat you up :) -- thanks Sir for saying this right when i was in the middle of a bad bout with PMS, when all the world's a b*atch :)
  • know your strengths and capitalize on them -- because in life you will always find people who are more beautiful, smarter and better than you are
  • quoting NVM Gonzalez THE national artist: to succeed in life, there has to be some fire within you -- while pointing to Mike for reference about opting to be a Fighting Maroon over becoming a Blue Eagle.
  • and although i hate it when Sir says it, for the sheer cliche (plus the it-sounds-like-the-guidance-counselor-talking factor): your brain is the sexiest part of your body. wuh, but then again, for all the winner lines and punchlines, he's forgiven for this argh-but-useful chant :)

so yeah, suffice it to say, i lovelovelove Sir Capili for all that 3weeks worth of attendance checking we did in that Literature class. hay.


on the happy-er note, 175 case was a success :) that was a freaking hard case. we took three days and twnimilyen revisions before we got our problem statement right. whew! we still got some flak though for going over-macro and not taking even a wee bit of a micro-point to help explain the point further. i say it's the 3-page cap that's to be the scapegoat. mwahaha :P but yeah, i think it kind of limits the report in a substantial way, especially this one we did on Coke&Pepsi in India.

and and.. the ads were a hit :D yay to me youtube newbie-turned-junkie. and again, am sorry about the grandstanding part. i never really intended to do that. i din't know you guys were all reading pala -- and i kind of felt the case went really fast and you know me and my paranoia, parang debate na baka may minus points for undertime :P i was seriously thinking kase baka they might think it's a really qick case and fault us for that. haha. sheah, sorry about that. i didn't really mean to hog all the airtime and the attention :P sorreeeee.

and thanks for the happy working time :D we had such bad down times and brainfry from all the data we had to take in from the case, but still. i really think this is one of the more functional groups i've worked with. thank you to Hannah -- the clicker dude, haha, Debbie, Grace, Pepper, Mavic and Wahr. i had fun. til the next case :)

EDIT (16July2007, sunny Monday morning, BA 303): i got this foto from our y!group and decided to put it up the memory of that report sits with me :) haha. this is us on report day, after this foto ma'am asks us bakit may fotoshoot :P

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