Wednesday, July 11, 2007

it's shuffle time :D

1.) How am I feeling today? people are people -- d'sound
(i am the one who believes in all that you say, i am the one that never wants to define herself... uhh, okay.)

2.) How will I feel getting married? i wish you were here -- incubus. hrmmm :P
(i lean against the wind pretend i am weightless, and in this moment i am happeh.)

3.) What is my best friend's theme song? foerever you and me -- lighthouse family. ay, high pala title neto :P
(haha -- Cause even the impossible Is easy when we got each other, impernes parang J&J besties :P)

4.) Highschool is? falling in love again -- eagle eye cherry.
(You got to tell me If you're gonna break my heart Cause I don't wanna take the chance-- whokei)

5.) I am... happy face -- destiny's child
(weee! :D I woke up this morning, the sunshine was shining I put on my happy face I'm living, I'm able, I'm breathing, I'm grateful To put on my happy face, Woke up and realized this world's not so bad after all Looked at it through a child's eyes, and I saw these beautiful Things :) yey! )

6.) How is today? cool with you -- jennifer love hewitt
(You had a way that always left me here with a smile...)

7.) What is in store for this week? save tonight -- eagle eye cherry
(well we know am going away, and how i wish i wish it weren't so...)

8.) What song best describes my parents? right where i belong -- 3 doors down
(inpernes, haha --Cause sometimes it feels so wrong But despite of all this weatherI know why we are together And I swear right now I'm right where I belong)

9.) How is my life going? sembreak -- eheads
(naalala kita pag umuulan SEMBREAK naalala kita pag giniginaw SEMBREAKnaalala kita pag kakain na SEMBREAK naalala kita ilang bukas pa babago tayo ay magkita -- hmmm:P)

10.) What song will they play at myfuneral? get busy -- sean paul? whut.
(how twisted exactly will people get? grieving 60 years from now -- house music at funerals?)

11.) Is this going to be a good year? jeggae -- brownman revival
(Sala sa lamig, sala sa init Tila baga may gusto kang ipahiwatig, Mga hindi mong may ibig sabihin)

12.) What's your love life like? cool with you (ulet?)
(that old flame will never be the same until you come back here and rekindle it -- boo! :P )

13.) What's your favorite? apple pie a la mode -- destiny's child
(galeng ah)

14.) Best bored activity? - sweet escape -- gwen stefani

15.) Favorite quote? honey - mariah carey

16.) Song played in your wedding? are you in -- indcbus
(wedding march :P -- It's so much better When everyone is in Are you in?)

17.) What is yourboyfriend/girlfriend's theme song? learning to breathe -- switchfoot
(hala, very telling of things to come -- will i be that emotional vampire again? :P)

18.) The song that best described yourchildhood days... dreams -- the cranberries
(Lalalaah lalalah lalalaah la la la I want more impossible to ignore -- haha, galeng :P)

19.)The song that keeps playing in your mind... i believe -- blessed union of souls

20.) The song that will make me happy... electric blue eyes -- the cranberries

guess from who's blog i filched this off :P
i shall do this again :D ang galeng, ansayaaaa :D

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