Thursday, June 04, 2009

Non-anonymous Postsecret secret

I was reading through PostSecret earlier and this postcard really cracked me up:

Photocredit: PostSecret

... only mine's a non-secret secret. Haha! Read this B's? Read up! :P
Ooh, Hoodielicious post coming up!


  1. haha! guess what? i was planning to check out postsecrets but i forgot the url.. i typed sundaysecrets.. so i opened your blog to see if i can find the link and ta-da! hahaha! :D uhm,, thanks? hehe!
    will be reading your blog from now on. ;p

  2. Haha! Yay, i now have pity readers! :P Now I'm convinced pity works for me -- not the first time. Erm, is that good? Haha!

  3. Now I feel guilty. Gee, thanks :p


  4. Haha! Eypril! Enpordat, I shall put aprilmeetsworld on THE blogroll :)


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