Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kid's a-Twitter

Two months ago, this would have just been called scribbling. But because Twitter has become this site that eats up plenty of my internet time, I'm paying homage to my beloved site, albeit in a very "analog" way. I pretty much spent the last 2 weeks in the office holed up in the pantry, buried in countless binders of readings. It felt like that free library day they gave us back in college, only this one was 2 weeks long! To fight off sleep, I had to scribble (some work-related, most just random stuff and non value-adding, hehe) to keep from dozing off. Some brain farts from a very bored kid.

22 May 2009, Friday
~ so this is how TGIF feels like. It's been long :D
~ I'm psyched about the Hoodie party. Itching to go! I hope they say yes.
~ still pining about winning the contest. Gah. Please let me win.
~ running out of things to do. wondering if I should have brought Q (yes from today on, dear lappy has a name) to the office. I was uneasy about bringing it over to the gym and leaving it inside the lockers with all the stealing incidents from last week. now am stumped. Reading brochures for the umpteenth time.
~ has big bags under her eyes. Consistent 5-hour snooze sched whole week
~highly-likely quarter life crisis-ing
~ considering getting a tat or a piercing. Heck, OR both.
~ my ear canal feels smaller. It hurts from the earphones.

26 May 2009, Tuesday
(today I called it Twitter Beta Analog v1993)
~ maybe Friday was just a bad day. This week's a new week -- fresh start!
~ it's amazing how a pair of smart socks makes a world of a difference on formerly painful pumps :D
~ is thinking about Hoodielicious -- would I be the biggest loser if I came forward and said, Hi I am the Kat you gave the tickets to! Hmm. And that's not it, you haven't heard my photo op line yet. Rawr.
~needs a change in scenery. Fast. The readings are coming out of my ears naaaa. And ooh newsflash, I don't even get get it yet. Somebody talk to meeee.
~craving for a ful meal from Jollibee -- hot, crispy, and juicy chicken (I'd get 2 pieces, heck, I might even take 3!) and steaming rice. Ah, thoughts like this keep me awake on a sleepy Tuesday morning.
~ is on a roll with Gummy Bears and Sour Glowworms -- Red and Purple gummybears are the best, for the glowworms its the blue and pink ones :) To the bears and the worms, please keep me awake.
~ wants to make excuses about how difficult learning EVERYTHING from scratch is -- DIFFICULT. But the grownup part of me tells me I have to be grownup about this and do all I can to stuff everything inside my head.
~ I keep thinking about Andres Bonifacio and Abe Lincoln and how awesomely they have done in self-schooling -- it keeps me motivated. If they made it through law. I should be able to make it through my paints. And I have internet.
~ my head's spinning from all the things I have to squeeze into my head. I'm torn -- I want to learn really fast and be that superstar but my brain sometimes just hibernates on its own and barfs all over. What to do.
~ Ima sucker for good conversations -- gimme someone who can talk about killing cockroaches and keep me glued and am week in the knees. Hay. But yeah, I guess cute's a requisite :P

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