Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scrunchie-free (and other things)

Two Mondays ago, kid finally took the plunge. With eyes closed, snip snip! I knew Albert the stylist has pretty good hands -- and by that I mean his haircutting skills, behave little young readers. But you know how it is, when you're about to do something really big (as was my case with losing about 4/5 of my hair and retaining a thin lining of hair clinging very closely to my scalp) it can really drive you to paranoia. The odds of the thing turning out horrible is definitely greater than coming out looking like Posh of Posh and Becks.

But yeah, after about 30minutes of bated breath, the haircut was over and done with. I stare into the mirror and gasp! I was a bit unsure. It was such an Extreme Makeover moment. Hehe. I was a bit apprehensive about how I felt about the hair. You know whether I liked it or it was just novel and I was struggling with escalation of commitment. It's been two weeks since, and I'd say I'm liking it more. Am losing the scrunchie, and from where I'm standing , there's no turning back :)

One thing I noticed though was how it brought out the androgynous in the way I look. The first week, I'd say a little too androgynous. Haha! But yeah, I guess I could live with it, cos when I look in the mirror I think of the Agyness Deyn hair -- to each his own daydreams :P Haha! Two weeks into the new hair, I think it's slowly growing into me. And I can't believe the convenience! I've been treating my hair this way even back when it was way longer. Hehe. The difference this time is that even if I slather just a little hair product, it at least looks like I checked myself out before I left the house. So yeah, I think it's gonna be pretty long while before I say hello to my old friend, scrunchie. It's all good :)

The Monday following the haircut (Extreme Makeover) Monday, was Monday first day -- status change from home-staying to non-home-staying aka gainfully employed. It was weird cos just as I was sitting in the offiice, my head was swimming in thoughts of whether I chose well. Yeah I know it was weird to be having those thoughts on your first day at work. But I guess it's all cold feet from the new environment. Thankfully, four days into it and I'd say I'm definitely more certain today than Monday that I chose well. I'm actually trying to contain my excitement :)

I think a part of it is coming from the novelty, but I really believe I am psyched for what this has to offer. There's so much room for learning, new experience, and growing up. It helps too that my boss, from the 4-day look of it, looks to me like someone I will be working pretty well with. But of course, all the potential is pretty much just that unless it actually is translated to action. This thing comes with labor pains -- and my, my brain's been bleeding from trying to take everything in over the last four days. Before you become the superstar, kid's gotta train, and train hard I will. I know it won't be easy and it might take some time, but even I am surprised at the eagerness I feel for all this.

I'd be bold and say there's something great in store for me here . I just pray I be given enogh patience to actually wait it out and see it to fruition. Keeping fingers crossed :)

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