Friday, May 08, 2009

Gooood Day :)

I haven't said "this was a good day" in long time. Today, I will say it, three times over even -- it was thaaaat good. Today's a really, really, really good day :)

Long entry ahead.

In a nutshell, today felt like it was raining good things. Lemme give a rundown of the small
things (some stupid, but really made my day in a geeky way) that really made me smile today: Getting air time via Jumpstart -- an FB comment and an SMS, getting a little hi from R (heehee, first time in 6 months he acknowledged meeee -- now, this is the stupid part of this list. hehe) hanging out with Melody at the Eastwood Mall and getting treated to Red Mango (yum!) AND AND AND meeting C&D :)

The getting airtime in Jumpstart part.
Show starts at 4 so I made sure I remembered that. Gino and Fran and R1 buddy Albert were hilarious. The show felt like a scene from high school with all the banter and wisecracks. I decided to join the show via FB answering today's Quick Question. I logged in at home while packing for the gym. I was hoping to hear it agad but it didn't air up until I was out driving. Until, dun dun dun... like 30minutes into my ride I heard Fran read out messages they got through FB. And then she went, "from Katrina..." -- hey, thas meeee. I got all kilig. Haha! So that's how it feels to get your messages read out on radio.

Then came the Libis traffic. The Combat class was at 630PM. By 620 I was already by IPI entering Libis, and then traffic started to crawl. The 5minute cruise to Eastwood took something like 15. So while at it, I decided to give Jumpstart another try. I Sent an SMS saying how I got all kilig when my message was read out. After crawling it out in the traffic, I finaly got the the gym but didn't run to class cos I still might run into the reading of my text. Just about the time I was to unplug the earphones off of my ears, Fran read out my text :) Now I can go to Combat class -- only 15minutes late. I felt like a reatard the whole time cos there was this stupid grin I couldn't take off my face. I was thaaat amused. Haha.

The Red Mango with Melody part. After Combat, I was still bursting with energy. One because of the high from my Jumpstart airtime, and another because I came in really late I wasn't exhausted yet. I went over to Melody for some small talk about the last track of the class being karaoke-able. (She was a girl I met inside, wait for it -- the sauna. Haha! Yes, that place must've made many a great friendship, with all the nekkid-ness. Haha!) We were both laughing when she noticed my eyebrows. I got compliments :) Apparently, she's some eyebrow guru and she has tips on how to groom my eyebrows better. Next thing I know, we were at Beauty Bar looking for the eyebrow scissors she was telling me, checking out (really expensive) stuff, and making small talk with her sales lady friend, Marge.

M really has this thing with people, it's amazing. I was surprised at the invitation to go malling -- the mall was just right across the gym, but it i think it's the closeness of having to be just with each other. I just find it pleasantly surprising to be hanging with her with maybe less than 10mins worth of small talk prior to that. It amazes me because I don't think I have enough friendliness to ask random people to go with me say, to the mall. I think she's a really nice person. I'm happy she asked me cos I think now we're officially friends. Hehe.

As if all that nice-ness wasn't enough, we popped over at Red Mango and M got us frozen yoghurt! Nice can't even begin to tell you what I think of her. She got green tea yoghurt with pineapples and blueberries and kiwi fruit. I got green tea yoghurt with corn flakes and muesli. It was yummy :) Thanks again!

The Meeting Chico and Delle part. Inside Red Mango, I spot Chico and Delled eating by the tables outside. I ask M ever so casually if she knew them. She told me she listens to RX everyday! And she went on to say that we should approach them. Aaaaaah! I was dancing inside my head :D When we got our frozen yoghurt, we went out and we did what I have been wanting to do since forever. We approached C&D and said we were fans! Gahd, I've long wanted to do that. I just wanted to thank them for making my mornings happy :)

Good thing I have this dialogue inside my head that I have long rehearsed for when I see them. I have it ready in my head, just in case -- I've been a listener since I was 11. I'm 22 now, so I have been listening to you guys for a looong time. I just wanted to say that you guys make my mornings :D

Now I sleep happy.

P.S. Kid's now on Twitter! Follow me! :)


  1. if you were with me or anyone of us, we wouldn't know and care about C&D. good thing you were with a co-fan. hahaha! :D we'd be too 'shy' to approach them. hehe!
    oooh, wanna try red mango.. my cousin from states has been raving about it.

  2. Red Mango :) The gym friend just brought me there, and I've been coming back like crazy since! All part of my "healthy living" daw, hehe. Guilt-free ice cream/ frozen yogurt, we should go there soon :) Wait, may red mango din sa states?


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