Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quirky Internet Thingums

A few weeks back, I saw a link to "Best Internet Photos of 2010" or something like that. (To the author my apologies, as I did not, for the life of me, copy the link to the great great article. Sorry!) It was a compilation of all the awesome internet junk created in the year 2010.

This one photo stood out for me as very quirky and unbelievably heartwarming. It's an invite to a certain Jill&Matt wedding telling their very long love story. Read and swoon away :)

Im reposting this image without credit -- my apologies to the owner.
I, however, do not lay claim to ownership of the image.
That's the dream. This is the kind of invite I'd like to send out. Isn't it the cutest? :)

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