Wednesday, June 06, 2007

what about moving out

i was seriously considering moving out yesterday, moving out, like out of our house. well, i have my reasons -- some of them are not for public consumption, though :P i have two sems to go and am outta college. that means i'll be a realreal adult, am over eighteen and in a short while employed and earning. hmm, sounds good. i think am a pretty good candidate for moving out :)

this is one of the major reasons why am thinking twice, even more, about grad school. Law looks really inviting, and you have no no idea about the things going on inside my head about getting there. some of them are really nuts, you'll seriously think am kidding. i have the usual i-want-to-be-a-lawyer-therefore-i-go-to-law-school, i think about income, too, i think about becoming a hotshot litigator and how that's really hot rattling Latin to lower mortals (that's me in my most naive), and well that thing about the glamorous profession that lawyering is. don't let me tell you about my Other reasons. you'll die laughing -- and well, i'll never be seen as a sane person ever again.

going back to moving out, it's so tempting, more tempting than law school. no curfew, not that i have one, it's that no-guilt feeling about getting home really late and not having to explain. sleeping all you want without waking up to freedom of speech at 200 decibels. not cleaning your kalat and not having to explain. watching all the dvds til the wee hours of the morning because that's when it feels best. having all the quiet you want when you dont feel like talking. eating when you want, even if that means lunch is at 3p. writing all i want, when i want to. haha, reading back about what i wrote, it figures am one inconsiderate slob :P shushh.

and then again, there's the laundry, eating sup noodles til they come out of my ears, starving to death because i dont want to do the dishes, dying from all the dust in my room, big fat dark eyebags from all the puyat, and well, for all the fun that alone time brings, alone AND lonely sucks, too.

hmm, still thinking :)

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