Friday, June 24, 2011

Embracing The Nerd Within

Growing up for me means getting to know yourself better than you did the day before. And as I get older, I understand myself more and know better the things I like and do not like so much. All this learning about myself is conveniently pointing me to a certain direction -- that I really am a nerd :p

That the really just 24-year old finds little joy in partying in dark clubs, drinking the night away, and fighting falling asleep at 3AM on the drive home. Or take away everything else, just drinking the night away. Or doing "dangerous" things.

It's fun sometimes. A teeny part of me kinda likes doing that and feels all yuppie grown up and devil-may-care kinda cool. It's fun once in a while. But for some reason, I can't do it every weekend. I think there's a 35-year old trapped inside my body. That or the nerd in me keeps winning. Haha.

Here are some small things I just realized give me so much happiness. Mental note to self, do this more often.

1. Hang Around in Bookstores
I was in Bestsellers in Podium two days ago and I just realized how happy and right at home I feel when I'm inside a bookstore. There's just something so magical about shuffling between bookshelves and being surrounded by all those books!

There's just something magical about shuffling between bookshelves :)
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What made the Podium trip extra special was the rain. It was raining right outside so the bookstore felt extra homey and cozy. Between all the beautiful book covers and the tiny little trinkets, I have a feeling I can prolly spend an entire day inside the bookstore.

2. Reading Greeting Cards
I'm a bit apprehensive about writing this one down. This has been a guilty pleasure of mine for quite a while now and I've never really told anyone about this. (Other than Tet in my super secret purple card. But that kind of doesn't really count cos he's too far away to pass judgment.)

card photos from Hallmark :)

Here's the dirt: I get all giddy when I hang around the greeting card section. The "Between You and Me" area of the Hallmark greeting card shelves have a special place in my hear :p I think I can spend many hours just going through each and every one of the cards on display and have a genuine good time. I get really "kilig" with the reading and just between you and me... I feel like I'm drowning in endless possibilities (TMI haha) every time I open a new card.

card photos from Hallmark :)

The cat is out of the bag -- I really am an awful sap :p The love letters and the mush and the all the grandiose displays of affections, gad I live for this stuff! Haha.

3. Sitting Around, Tea Time Conversations
I cannot say how much I enjoy great conversations. Maybe I really am an old English lady who lives for tea-and-crumpet time. I like talking more than I like uh, 'bumpin and grindin' (haha, do people really actually say that?)

I cannot say enough how much lovely conversations make my heart smile. Witty banter and interesting stories and picking interesting brains really have a way of making my day.

This may be on the beach by the sunset (or sunrise, if and when I get to wake up for it), in a cozy coffee house, by the car parked over some nice cliff overlooking the city, or a sweet little spot by the Sunken Garden -- I am such a sucker for downtime spent in good conversation.

P.S. Dear heavens, hear my prayers and send me this 'person' for my awesome lounge around conversations :)

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