Wednesday, July 01, 2009

June Stories

So, it's been almost a month since this blog has seen new random thoughts. I have a lot of stories really. They're all pretty much written inside my head. It's just that, I never get to the writing part. One may be because I'm a little too busy with the work and other sophisticated sounding grownup stuff like that. Or for another, which I'm more likely to believe, it's because I have a fat lazy ass. Yeah, I think the latter's more believable.
I have Sg stories. Not too many, just enough to fill an entry (photos coming up soon). I have stories about how giddy I was when I found out we were billeted at THE Ritz-Carlton, which I by the way found out was a 6-star hotel -- take that recession 09! Hahaha! More stories about how I was jumping like crazy on the couch because I was little too excited about the pretty room -- okay, I think I may have shamed myself enough about the crazy kid my company brought to Sg for training. And then there also was seeing PV part. We were able to go out two nights, and it was just all steady, for the most part sleepy, and frantic search for airtime. The whole thing felt like we were just hanging in Manila because the people inside the malls there pretty much resemble the mall-going set here. Malyasians look v much like us brown brothers here in Manila, and the Chinese, well, it was just like shopping in Greenhills. And then there was the part where I met these grownup people who we went there for. I felt like a real adult dealing with them on my own :P
And then there was this part about me struggling with these things inside my head. Totally not part of the Sg XP, but things I had to deal with there anyway. Gullible sucks. Okay, if I were to indulge this once and for all -- power's such an aphrodisiac. Yeah, I think that's about the most I should say. No more messing with my head, I'm messed up enough on my own.
Screw that part, back to my Sg stories. The last most exciting part is THE shopping. We flew to Sg in time for the Great Sg Sale, so you can just imagine the tremendous shopping activity bustling everywhere. The best part? Just when I thought i flew broke, I apparently did not :) That was goood. It was one of the best weeks since a really long time. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
On other stories, the week after the Sg week is, let's call it, "Let's See If You Learned Anything In Sg" week. Manila beckons with back to back client calls which were all tagged my responsibility. How do I tell you about it? Day 1&2 in brief would be entitled, "Wow Kid Where Do You Get The Audacity to Go Back to The Office and Chat Up Your Boss After Tuesday and Wednesday?" Let's recap, Tuesday, meeting#1 here's a list of the things I forgot: brochures, my laptop, and pretty much that it was my presentation pala. But wait, there's more! Wednesday meeting#2 was like a big placard saying, "hey boss, look at how dumb I CAN be, this is how low I can go." Let's do a roll call of the things I didn't get to bring: brochures AGAIN, my laptop AGAIN, the attache case with all the samples, and the common sense to realize that this was high time I learn my lesson that when you forget to bring necessary requirements for a Tuesday meeting, you make sure, with you life, that you bring it on the Wedensday meeting. Boo.
The worst part about this whole thing is how theyre still all v niiice. Shame eats you up and the least they can do is give you a scolding. At least in your head you get to find an antagonist. But when you screw things up and theyre still nice and dont get angry, YOU are the only bad guy even in you own head. It was just baaad.
Ohwell, tomorrow's another day. Like my last tweet, "I think that's enough disappointing for the week. Tomorrow's just right about for some wow-ing. To do that, no sleeping muna tonight."
Please cross your fingers with me.


  1. Hey we should go out and talk cream!haha wholesome tayo eh;p

  2. Yeah, we should eat ice cream. Add parental woes to that list. Grown up painsss :| Boo.


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