Thursday, October 04, 2007


i always tell myself on tueday evenings i'd watch all the TV i want because there's wednesday anyway. and it's deja vu all over again every wednesday because surprise surprise, i dont get to do anything. um, am not really complaining :P

today the best thing happened to meeee -- Cadbury Crunchie! :D the ultimate best, believe meeee :) i say the best things come in purple wrappers. when i first saw it in the bag, i thought it was the Nestle Crunchy, the one with the rice crispies. am no fan of rice crispies so i was like, it's still Cadbury so what the heck. until i opened it this morning... wow :D

it's the same Cadbry bar that comes in the big bar with the small squares, only it has the Crunchie honeycomb teeny pieces inside :) ah, love. love love love eet :)


  1. gimme some!!!!!! pwede din more.. bwaahahahha!

  2. ansaraaaap talaga! :) sige sige dala ko :) para ma-happy kna rin kahit na "life is unfair, and you have to deal with it" :P


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