Monday, October 01, 2007

i get weird dreams in the morning

beautiful sunday morning. that thing hapenned again -- me waking up earlier than i intended to, and then going back to sleep. and getting dreams about... um, that.

so, is this like a sign? dunno. it's just weird how things feel so... um, real. i dunno if its just me or i really am in for a big surprise. i really dunno. but yeah, what the heck, if it's the surprise part, bring it on! :D waw, antapang! haha.

must go now. hafta be somewhere for surveys. hallo housewives, please be kind :P

ooh, writers induction! i'll write about it soon -- swimming in duster shirts, picking up "poop" from toilets (ew), and moaning like porn stars! ayayay! :P

gotta get going! bye! :)


  1. katc, still wanna know what it was about.. :D

  2. haha, sawsawan rach! :D
    if you remember asking me about it... i MIGHT (operative word "might") tell you :P


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