Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Month-end Reports and Olats Boys

I came home early tonight. By 8PM i was through with dinner. I hurriedly went up the stairs and plugged my computer to the internet. 8PM just feels so early cos last night I got home 1030, all sore and embarrassed for having fallen asleep in the middle of yoga class.

Anyhoo, now I look up the clock on the wall in front of me and I figure it's almost 11. One window has Friendcess, birthday girl in a little over an hour's time and is cramming an end month report like crazy -- and may I add, contemplating on doing feasib all over again if that's what it takes to ditch the month end report. That bad.

In the middle of this conversation of work, and that passion word yuppies ever so carelessly throw around, and random stuff sleepy people talk about, I brag about my freaky stalker skills. And then there was sharing of photos and first impressions. All of a sudden, Friendcess says the word olats and debunks this thing about me and the scruffy men. It's just weird. All this time, I thought I knew what I liked. Haha.

For the uninitiated, scruffy in real person version is Vince Chase of Entourage -- facial hair, no-fuss hairdo, and overall laidback look. I like this on guys because if you can still look hot even you are "dirty-looking" with all the facial hair, then you must be something. Scruffy is always good for me.

I thought Bboy was a fluke. And then Friendcess with the newsflash, Hey KatC You Have a Radar for a Certain Type of Boys -- the quiet, friendless, and perennially brooding ones. Hmmm.

Ooh, Almost Happy Birthday Friendcess! :) Cheers to party lines! Woot woot!

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