Wednesday, November 22, 2006

knowing, doing, and the difference

Life Lessons From The Boxing Ring

By this time prolly half the internet is buzzing with news about Pacquiao and his 3-round knock-out bout with that mexican boxer who weirdly weilds a three-year old boy's charm. I am sure am not a fan. Very sure. But more than the winning, this is about my thing on being prepared and performing. The news and this subtitle is stale. This thing has been sitting in my real journal for roughly a year, yeah after that Pacqiao-Larios bout early in the year. Again, i am not a fan. And this is not said as a comic relief, not sarcastic. Again, i really am not a fan. Wahaha, you can all say overly defensive now.

And in an attempt to be consistent with my super banner, this is about knowing, doing and the difference. Well yeah, brace yourself for this -- life, like boxing, is one big performance. It can be in school -- a big report, a heated debate match, a super homework or any other thing that requires preparation. You can gloat all you want about getting ready, but the real score is fleshed out the moment you get on with your performance. The real deal can either justify the gloating, or betray all the things you said.

Preparing sucks, but the consequence of a dingbat performance leaves you with no other choice. Although sometimes, no i take that back -- almost always, it's not as daunting. The real importance of smashing preparation dawns on you at that instant in the performance you realize you should've read more on the report instead of caught up with the chic lit reading or the emo soap. Or when didn't master you matter, and your bluffing couldn't get you anywhere. Take it from me, i know this all too well.

I can always say knowing and doing are worlds apart. ut again, unless i get my butt off here and start reversing my life trends-- wuh, dingbat you get too much airtime in my life.

On Advocacies
Yeah, i realize how long this post is turning out to be, but -- ooh, no reasons needed:) Anyway, sunday saw me and my heart nodding in approval to what pastor was teaching. Again, knowing, doing , and the difference. Andame na stored knowledge, and believe me they're really just stored. I'll write about the other more important things next time (next time when i know how i will take on it.) He talked about the need to think up personal advocacies. And of all the things i learned, well about being a Christian, this makes the most sense.
Christianity is more than just the passive behavior of avoiding the wrong things. More than anything, christianity is about taking a proactive stance about you faith. It's about going out of your way to practice what yoou believe in. It's not avoiding the bad things -- it's doing the good things.
Wow. That was a mouthful. And yes, with all the help I can get (yes God, from you) I want to get my hand into that. Yes, the personal advocacy is one -- one of the many. Tons of work, but more than that, tons of help. Now am thinking about this one thing i can pour my extra efforts into. *still thinking*

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