Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wrong blog

Ripped off from the wrong blog. Wow. This is long overdue -- the blog and the post. Finally, i can speak of a real *nonpervasive blog, one that does not send updates to "friends" whenever I post, and that doesn't get bombed for overly emo posts that are unwantedly shoved under everyone else's nose. Finally.

It's 1.19 in the morning today on the 8th, and I am a jumble of many things. The few hours ago which I call yesterday was second day enlistment in BA, and by some weird miracle, I never, not even for once, fell in line for any subject -- because, yes albeit extremely unbelievable, I got everything via CRS (Computerized Registration System). I get this weird feeling of calm, my enrolment isn't like this. I very well remember, fret everytime this time of the sem comes, because I know it gets more frustrating. My stakes are growing as I inch up into college. But today was totally different. Bliss:)

and and.. I didn't make any random friends whle lining up. Yes, enlistment takes that long. Aandame ko na naging friends from enlistment -- random seatmates that you talk to for the absence of better things to do (while burning your asses waiting for our turn to enlist. )

Also came from kate's birthday blowout. Believe me when i say i did have fun:) Thank you to your family that took me in for dinner. Food was great.There are other things swimming in my head right now. Like how that dinner felt, my 129 to be taken in my second sem in fourth year, unanswered letters and inexistent foncalls, and the sem ahead me.

For one, am all scared to even think about them. And two, they're all things out of my control. So, not this time-- EDIT: 14 November 2006, Tuesday. Haha, came out overly dramatic. Wwhatta welcome entry. Just got me thinking. This thing took me two years of wishing, a number of lame attempts at starting one, which are basically filling out half the blog reg form and having to quit somewhere in the middle either from busted internet connection or sheer impatience, and enough creativity for titles, names and things. This will be very dear to my heart :)

Ha, enought of the emo statements. It's 2.22a, and my eyes are kind of giving up on me, so i think that means i hafta go. NOW.

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