Sunday, November 19, 2006

Because you don't know fickle the way i do

So yes, much as I don't want to have been so fickle for the last few days, this is the third blog I opened here -- fourth if you count that one before this which i didn't really finish filling out. I am not creative, ouch. So it took me like half a century to think up a name for this thing I call, drumroll -- my favorite ranting audience. Yeah, i cooked up weird phrases in a lame attempt to brand me. But, just like you and i guessed, it was to no avail.

Just as i was v. confused about how to call this thing, I chanced upon THE Jessica Zara's Phil. Star column, and it was aptly named -- Emotional Weather Report. Wuh, how come she gets this witty and i don't even have a teeny bit of creativity? After which, I watched my self-esteem plummet. there, down there.

The first thing I named this was 'inside the closet' cos i think that is what i really think this is. But my lucky stars are not on my side. Cos the instant I hit the 'check availability' button, someone else is already as creative as I am. Then I move on to 'her thought bubble.' It was kinda already working for me, but after some thinking time, it dawned on me just how bland it sounded. Very bland and with zero character. After which I stumble into THAT column of THE writing icon . You cannot imagine how bad I felt about naming a blog like that, and being juxtaposed to a v. successful creative venture. finally, after the eons I spent coming up with all those boring names, I realized the brand all my own is Gullible's Travels. My lone (okay, I am biased) successful creative venture.

And yes, proven again that you can't have your cake and eat it too, the blog address is NOT available. So I settled for my blog title and whined about why on earth there are people who think up naming their things the same weird way I do. But then again, it can be that aborted attempt to open the third/fourth journal with the same addy. It prolly got recognized. So there. Welcome.

P.S. This is a ranting audience. So if you want happy thoughts, you're in the very wrong place. Well, you prolly can/will find some happy posts here, but don't tell me i didn't send a caveat -- super sporadic :P

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