Sunday, December 10, 2006

happy birthday mum! (greeting three days late)

to that one person who stood by me when everyone else left, hormonal imbalance, pms and all, i love you a lot mum :)

that one that made me see faith at its finest, the resilience of the human spirit, and makes me believe to this day the insitution of marriage. and yes, mother-daughter relaltionships are never perfect -- we also had our share of neuroses from each other's quirks. to this day my mummeh still does not understand why i can't wake up early,
and i still don't get it why there are things that are okay with me but are big issues to her. but yeah, it's all part of the happy bundle. i love you with all my heart mummeh. and thanks for promising you'll be a good mother-in-law. yes noted, no meddling. haha :P

i've been putting writing off since wednesday. for one, econ exam this morning (more later) and for another, marketing on monday. and yeah, as convention would have it, the week should (have been) be spent studying -- okay, and worrying.

let's recap:

monday -- coffee at katip then lunch at kfc. was supposed to be at the BA lib reading for finance. am waaaay way behind. but no, just one sms from them about eating at Tapa King and am done. no more finance. ended up late for class. and ended up with a recitaion assignment for thursday. ooh, Tapa King was close -- and never opening again, i think.

tuesday -- was supposed to read for econ during my 9-11a break. don't know what happened, and yeah, din't get to read. 1-4 classes were suspended. ended up i the econ lib with friendcess and kc at the discussion room. and yes, we discussed. and again, no econ progrees.

wednesday -- happy birthday mummeh! :) danica and ej came over for mum's birthday lunch. of course i shoulda been loaded for econ by this time, but then (please see preceeding paragraphs) and visitors ARE visitors even if they happen to be your cousins. come on, they flew 10++ hours and they get a cranky hostess for welcome. and besides, they were sorely missed ! :) spent the entire day at lola's, and made random kwento. can't wait for the 15th!:)

thursday -- came in sakto. prepped for my finance recitaion at the lib (thanks wahr, i felt smashing explaining my interpolation!) and again, (kunwari helpless na naman ako :P) ended up at starbucks after class with rach. ooh, juicy juicy! anyway, met ming there and got a free ride home :)

friday -- i was brought to school by mum and dad,and woot! came in 182 first!:) 9-11a break semi successful. read half of chapter three. econ class + charity review class and then aeisec OC meeting. went looking for everone. i sms wru? and i get -- eastwood :) they left me. din't feel very bad though, cos wala din akong pera :P so off i went to the econ lib, and hoho found jess there. hot juicy vain kwento! alavet. tried waiting for law, encouraged by the perfect attendance incentive, and as expected -- no prof.again, for some weird reason ended up in Bo's coffee, this new coffee joint in katipunan -- with baristas with bad english and diction. gave my professorial chair lecture to my two-man audience. ooh, and i was fetched by dad -- again:) went off to get mum, ended up home a little before 1a saturday.

today -- woke up at 7 and for some weird reason felt totally un-ADD. i was still for an hour reading continuously without looking up. off the house at 9. almost go lost in econ looking for the frigging room 114. took the macroecon exam and kaboom.

p.s. goodbye blue :)

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