Thursday, December 14, 2006

i love/hate movie trailers

finally saw the tap-dancing penguins!:)))) weee!

before i get into my movie fan fix and/or issues, lemme get to *zero creative juices as of this moment* hmmm, forget creative crap -- i was just trying to get to the trailers.

Trailer #1: Mano Po 5(?) -- angel locsin and richard gutierrez. not very watchable, but part of long list of options -- list title: movies to squander christmas money on.

Trailer #2: rob-b-hood -- its a jackie chan movie which naturally is action/ martial arts and happily includes a v. cute little baby in the cast.

Trailer #3: Norbit -- an entirely eddie murphy movie about a nerd who got a BIG problem (in the form of a huge angsty wife with an attitude problem.) ooh, comedy ito.

Trailer #4: Museum at night (or something) -- ben stiller comedy. about a museum and how things get alive at night. pretty lame but heck, put it in the big screen and even story-less movies are deemed acceptable.

Trailer #5: Spiderman3 -- tobey and kirsten. yun lang.

Trailer #6: flushed away -- the leeches, the cute little mice. plus it's animation. that alone makes me wanna watch :)

andami palang trailers. i was in the car and i was thinking of the clips i saw. cos i was planning to write about them and say how i love and hate at the same time because they show it. its always fun to look forward to movies that you wanna see and think about the people you wanna see it with. but then again, think about how many times you have to cancel or not plan at all because of lack of (a) time (b) funds (c) friends.

talking about preempted movies many times over, i finally saw Happy Feet :) can you imagine, tap-dancing penguins with life and relationship issues. haha.

i kinda freak myself out when i realize happy movies (even the animated ones) make me sad. i don't know, makes me think about life and how things really happen sans the videocam. how movie characters, however impossible and hopeless their persons seem to be always find success in the end. real life's like not that.

*brushes turning-emo entry aside*
totally had fun. thank you to you two. you have no idea how fun FUN is. *brushes emo entry aside -- NOW* juicy juicy's are the best. haha.

sorreh can't help it, felt surreal when i realized yest was the last day am seeing you guys for the year. have fun kung nasaan man kayo --
guess which tagalog movie :P
*flang flang flang flang*

i dont get it how you manage to ruin the happy mood.
it's always been that way.
am crossing my fingers i get it.
it kinda gets tiring sometimes, though.

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