Thursday, January 10, 2013

Joe's abs

I think I was one Facebook when I saw Six-Pack Abs in 12 Weeks| Yahoo Health. It has 2 of my favorite words, abs and Yahoo. So naturally, I have to click.

When I did, this was what I saw. Everybody, meet Joe's abs:
Photo credit: Yahoo Health

Great job to Joe for doing this in 12 weeks!

But on another (more important!) note, how come I find the rightmost photo the least attractive? I mean, I get that 5.5% body fat is noteworthy. But Joe's face (yes, first name basis kami haha) appears a little too gaunt for me. Does it follow, that when you lose the fat you lose the chest hair, too? Yes, that's me trying to be funny.

My best bet is Joe Week 1 or Joe Week 8. A little more cheek never hurt nobody :) Or I may be a teeny bit biased cos of the scruff?

Which version of Joe do you like best?

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