Thursday, February 01, 2007

because it feels best to write when you know you have vvvverrry little time...

it's almost 9 and i have three more chapters for the HR exam tomorrow. i have been reading the entire day (seriously...) and i guess i kinda overshot my reading capacity. so yeah, despite that am still here for leasure writing. you know writer's creed (and you know i made this up.. :P) write when the idea hits -- whatever it takes. haha. dig in:
  • i remembered the Econ discussion leader's icebreaker question first day this sem: what's weird about you? then i lamely answered something about being weird and paranoid -- gah. now i know what i should have said! not that it would matter, haha but next time am asked, i rehearsed already. i'd say -- on my free days, when i don't have anything to go to like school, i stay in my jammies til the next bedtime. eew.
  • i changed favorite Housewives! about one or two episodes ago, i realized i lovelovelove Lynette and her issues! to bits! i used to reallyreally like Susan and her life as a klutz and then - not anymore. i was thinking it was prolly because Mike loves her, or something. anyway, Lynette's got issues with her children's affection, has power struggle with her husband, has corporate dreams, and hot in a smart way :P isn't she the best? :)
  • random movie tidbit: the other day Valdez asked me about our favorite line from Devil Wears Prada. in jest, Me: *from Nigel's* Tell me when your life is up in smoke. You should be up for a promotion.

life is short.
live well.
live happy.
don't forget gratitude, it will take you far :)

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