Monday, January 29, 2007

my day today

as planned, Mahal and i were on our way to the hospital at 8-ish. from the free ride from dad, and the bugging of the meddling hosplital front guard, we finally made our way to the Blood Bank with Sammy's Mum. the intern took our weight, then pricked and took blod from the ring finger and let blood drip into this blue solution. mine and Aga's didn't sink -- translation: low hemoglobin, no can do. so yeah, we were both rejected blood donors :(

i couldn't explain how i felt. more than anything, it was probably embarassment from being there and not being of any help. helplessness sucks. i didn't know what to say to the
Mum. gahd, she needed 12 donors -- and the first two that came, rejected, ugh.

anyway, after a quick visit to sleeping Sammy in his room, we imediately left the hospital. rode the jeep to EDSA, then in less than ten minutes we were at EDSA Central. *this is a happy deviation to the gloomy entry :)* Mahal and i went around like two happy gradeschoolers wandering through the many stores they had lined there. it was like a
mini-date, yeah at ten on a sunday morning :) i wished i brought the cam. zagu, the P3 hopia we bought, and the long wait we spent inside the FX that took 3 days before take off would all have looked realy nice on foto :)

hay, i missed Mahal.

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