Sunday, January 28, 2007


was home about two hours ago. i weirdly feel sore all over. Econ second long exam was at ten this morning, and like the first.. kaboom.

i have been distracted the entire week and i don't think i have spent at least an hour sitting still to read. i was all over the place, always finding something to get my hands on -- of course, things not having anything to do with learning for Econ. hay, ADD sucks when a you're a college kid in Business School.

yesterday for my four-hour long break, din't even get to finish my reading quota of chapter5. was supposed to finish Mankiw during that loooong break -- but i didn't. i ended up writing lyrics of Alanis' songs from my iPod. then, class was til 7p. and that wasn't it yet. came home, ate dinner... then i don't know what else happend to the three more hours i had left. i just checked my mail, then next thing i know it was 1a. so i had to go to bed. i slept in the hopes that i'll be refreshed when i wake up.

then today. i woke up with this weird heavy feeling -- so yeah suffice it to say, didn't really get to study the sample exam. then on my way to school, i was to dizzy in the FX to even look at the green paper (the key to wonderful scores.) came in pretty early, so i got talk to Jessa nd ask her stuff.

anyway, story too long.

met Rach for lunch at Bos. and well, spent the rest of the day there. with two chapters of HR, one breakfast meal (hungarian was tooo tasty for my bland preference), oreo cheesecake and chcolate mousse before we left. wow, am loving Bo's now :)

i've been putting this off since i started typing -- am donating blood tomorrow, for Sammy. apparently he's back to the hospital and needing 12 donors. i have no idea why i am very bent on going. and now am scared -- they're getting blood from me, injecting me with their needles, and who knows.

Lord, i know you want positive reinforcement
and not passive submission.
this is my first shot.
help. please increase my faith.

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