Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Jesse Eisenberg Effect

Folks, give it up for... The Jesse Eisenberg Phase -- brought to you, of course by, watching The Social Network twice over in a week. So I've been trawling Youtube lately for cast interviews for The Social Network. Firstly because Jesse Eisenberg is such a doll and just recently, because Andrew Garfield talks in that unbelievably adorable accent.

Just to bookmark this phase with a lovely remembrance, I'm putting up this video of a series of interviews with Jesse, Aaron Sorkin (the brilliant writer behind the awesome awesome The Social Network script) and Armie Hammer aka Gossip Girl's Gabriel aka Poppy and Serena's former scheming boytoy. Listen to Jesse talk and find out that he really is a geek in real life and how with that hair anything he says is adorable.

I picked this video because Jesse looks absofrickinlutely pretty here. His hair is just the right amount of messy, OMG his skin is unbelievably clear it's glowing and look at that pretty little face. Seeing him in Adventureland and The Education of Charlie Banks as that painfully awkward teenager that walks weird, you just never think he will be able to look this pretty. Pleasant surprise. In three words, he looks phenomenal. Come on, press play.


  1. Hi! Nice to know there's a fellow Jesse Eisenberg fan here in PH. :) Too bad most of his movies though do not reach the cinemas.

  2. New fan :) True though, about the movies. I guess torrents are the saving grace :)


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