Friday, May 08, 2009

Geeky and um, freaky

So this person G, has officially invaded my head. Not that he has anyting to do with it. It's like I managed to bombard my head with all things G, and now, it's like 3 of the 5 things in my head has to do about him. I feel like my 11-year old old self crushing on some boy from the grades above us. Fun and funny. Err, maybe just funny.

The web has been pretty "helpful" at filling me in on little stupid snippets about G that I won't have any use for, but I'd still care to know about anyway. There's something about finding out similarities between you and this current pick that makes you feel all fluffy in the inside. And reading what I just wrote kind of makes me feel retarded :P

Guilty pleasures suck -- and are really fun. Hehe. On to the stuff, G likes the rain and the cold weather and isn't a fan of the sun. I love the rain and Rach can tell you how much she thinks I'm a loser for not loving the beach and the sun. I can't explain it, but I just don't. What's funny is that since its summer,
everyone's just tanned OR burnt pretty much everywhere I go . So I stick out like a white little sore thumb that didn't get to go to the beach. And G in his own circle is pretty much the only white person in the sea of cool people who all got to frolic under the sun. We're like the Cullens of the summer season! Haha! And now, we're just all too happy the rain's and its dark cloud friends are back, with a storm in tow. I think a little L just formed on my forehead :P

On to other stuff, G's a loser -- but he's the adorable kind. And according to some news flash I got from P last year, I dig loser boys. I'm trying to recall whether I liked G first and then found out he was a loser, or found out he was a loser and then started liking him. Ooh, recalling freaky stalker moments of the past few days, who's the bigger loser now? Haha!

I think that's enough freaky revelations for the night. Signing off before I scare away friends who are reading this blog. Heehee. Disclaimer: I'm not that freaky. Haha! I should probably just go watch DVDs and be normal.

Goodnight G :)

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