Monday, July 16, 2007

and so the sem begins

sunny Sunday morning today, and even with all the tasks on top of my head, i get to blog. i do have a pretty valid reason for this though -- waiting for the survey answers while my and that buzz to tell me they're done. btw, thanks to Raissa -- suki :P, Wahr, Debbie, Nicolo, Markie, Mahal, Nica, and RJ :) really big help. 8 down, 42 to go. yes, fortyfreakintwo more.

EDIT (9:06 pm): dint get to finish writing this morning because just when i was about to go into my next paragraph, Mum tells me its late and that we have to get going. and now am writing again while i wait for my survey answers. and and.. my love goes out to Tet Grajo for making sure i hit the 50-respondent quota by giving me all the addies i can possibly need. haha. thanks Tet. i will make sure i'll be first in your favor-giver list :D

on another survey note, i felt like a total shxthead after reading Nicolo's paper. he even left a note to say we should've used 'sex' and not 'gender'. and to up that feeling of shxthead-ness, Tet had to tell me he is the god in crafting surveys. pft. Tet and i were laughing cos as i was saying, i had apprehensions because hes psych and all -- and he delivered :P haha. i dont really feel badbad about it, heck i dint even make the survey. it's a perception thing.


on with my recounting of the last few days.

i got to bully Rach to go with me in the Writer's Club orientation. and we were both erm... surprised -- in a good way. people in WC are different in an interesting way and i like that. but i dont know, am still apprehensive about pushing through with my application. maybe because am a senior -- and that can mean a lot of things and i wont go into them, maybe because i dont think i have time, maybe because i dont really write, maybe because i dont think i am getting in for the beautiful reasons like loving writing so much i cant live without it. but another part of me is excited about getting in -- new friends first and foremost because my set is getting kinda boring (but but.. i love my girls to bits :D ermm, did i just say it that way? :P haha), i like the WC people and i think there will be very interesting conversations, writing and the idea of getting better at it, and resolving that thing i have about commitment. am still thinking. tomorrow's buddy bidding and i think i shall go. hrmm, rach says i should. maybe i should.

we had pre-birthday dinner at Jack's Loft in Eastwood. i haven't uploaded fotos because i dont have the time -- and i think am being really responsible for not getting into multiply while i do my surveys :D

Happy Birthday Rach! :D here's to secret secrets, secret getaways, chismis, breakfasts+lunches+dinners, life issues, small talk, Dairy Queen, your (our) hidden thingum for foreign students :P, and the B's Club -- whatever it's supposed to be called. thank you :D and and.. i shall eat at your house before we graduate, para bati na kame ni Jan :)

and Friendcess, i hope you dont make fighting with cabbies a regular thing. haha. remember, you do the fighting, i do the crossing :D and and.. am working on that meanie part of me. thank you for reminding me of that vicious cycle that i am unwittingly creating. and yes, i think you are a keeper because you remind me to do what's right :) yeah, it's kinda eew, but am not taking it back.

yes, i think i kinda get it -- that fixing one thing doesnt justify ruining another. it's hard. it's sofreakinhard but i think i want to be the bigger person. pft. i shall think long and hard. i hope i get to do the right thing.

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