Tuesday, July 17, 2007

hello Monday morning

it's not a Monday morning anymore -- itsa Monday afternoon na. i was supposed to write before 102 this morning, so i get to feel how it is to blog in class. haha. but i dint get to, cos when i was about to begin, class started na.


third attempt to finish this entry -- time in: 11.20p. so much for blogging in class. me and my weird things :P i felt like such a bibo kid, shuffling from BA to AS and back. i was finishing my survey quota and i had to bring it to school pa because the thirty-and-above people were kulang. i had to survey the BA librarians then later harass the AS101 staff pa. thank you to everyone that gave time for our survey :)

i felt bibo because i helped set up the AS walk Aiesec booth :) my hands got weird dark spots from all the alikabok i had to deal with from the dusty tarp and the straws. and to up my bibo-ness, am manning the booth tomorrow pa with jerick. yey :D


buddy bidding :D today i officially love WC :) i was thinking the entire weekend about whether i should push through with the application. and i was like, i have to decide before the buddy bidding tonight because bidding for a buddy (nice ring :P) is kind of like semi-committing to the application. i dint even get to think. this afternoon i just started walking to the tambayan like it was the most normal thing to do.

the weird part about it was before going through the motions of the bidding, April was like, do any of you still have apprehensions about the application? i seriously wanted to raise my hand. i dint raise my hand because am even if am a freakinsenior already, am still a shy loser like that.

had i raised and had she asked me, i'd give her three reasons -- 1) am no serious writer 2) the authors they rattle off dont ring bells to me and i feel a sort of literary-inferiority, yes i am good at making up complexes :P -- and i realize lame excuse to cos i know my zizek, chomsky, err, yun lang pala 3) and third, ermmm... because my paranoia eats me up? heck, i can give fifty more reasons why i shouldnt push through... but but but -- *drumroll* i am pushing through with this :D


even rach said i should take April for a buddy. she's really funny, benta mga hirit nya bigtime, and matapang enough for deliberations to make sure i get in. haha, and i just realized how wrong my criteria are :P i dint get to have her though cos shes execom and WC has this no-execom-buddy rule. then they made us pick partners. i ended up with Vincent who knows almost everyone in the org, i thought he was WC already. Vincent wanted Anj (more funny kwento later) cos he said super okay daw and really goodm -- that was what he said when i asked. he seemed so bent on Anj i couldn't pipe in and say i want Nat or Moki. weirdly though, when Nat went up for the bid, Vincent asked me if i want Nat, and when i said yes, we both bid for him. i was thinking seriously whether i did somethng with my face that conveyed that subliminal message about Nat. and yey, we got Nat :)

Anj is the ultimate benta! :D tawa lang ako ng tawa when she came to the tambayan in this weird character which i guessed wasn't her real speaking voice. she kind of spooked me out because she was talking with the voice half the time and i never heard her realreal voice. they said she was theater, and there was nothing more entertaining than she was! :) i kinda felt bad we didnt get to get her -- but but, am really happy with THE nat :D

ohyes, i think i love WC now :D


picked up Mahal in mascom. we decided to walk from there to the Katip terminal. it was pretty far, but i nver really felt tired. i was all too happy to see Mahal :) and and.. we're jogging AND shopping tom! weee :)

i was just thinking, of all the promises that i got about staying and being there for me, Mahal's was the only non-promise that delivered :) i guess that's what the real thing's made of -- no fluff, real stuff (ooh rhyming) :P

knew you were for keeps :) thanks mahal, labyu! yikeee.

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