Wednesday, July 18, 2007

everyday things :D

blue top. that's the new theme for the next 102 report. unfortunately, my very small corporate closet collection doesnt have anything blue. were pretty lenient for this one, no bouts with color blindness while scouring malls, because we actually agreed to go with ANY shade of blue ( i dont understand though, why bluegreen doesnt count. the fact that its BLUEgreen makes it a shade of blue, right?)

this search for the blue top has taken me places -- Glorrietta, SM Makati, Shang plus that little (or big?) scuffle with the cabbie who stole our fiftyfreakinpesos (can you just freakin imagine, we were charged php50 for that trip from shang to that tiny street that goes left after San Miguel Ave, the one where the old Medical City building used to stand -- fiftyfreakin pesos for just about 10 meters of movement. wtshushu), then this afternoon Metro East and Sta. Lucia. hello sore feet. but yeah, a bit of it was me being stubborn about my choices and not wanting to buy anything unless i got to "tour" the entire place.

after twenimilyen stores, i finally settle for an aqua top from Plains and Prints. now am pretty broke because it is pretty expensive -- putting it in blunt-er terms, shet naubos na pera ko. but i dont know, i kinda feel weird about my purchase. hindi ecstatic hapy eh. may be because i thought it was too expensive. or maybe because had i not been told to buy blue, i wouldn't. ermm, Mum says i SHOULD like my purchase.


i went to school again today with the blue adidas backpack. and because i still unfortunately do not have a car at my disposal, i have to lug all my things around when i go places before going home, like my mall trip earlier. here's a teeny story about me when i went to BigR:

Kuya Guard: *mutters some incomprehensible message to me*
Me: *removes earphones* anu yon kuya?
Kuya Guard: Fitness First?
Me: ermm.. no. umm.. shopping?
Kuya Guard: okay.

and then i go in baffled. Fitness First? (of course in reference to the relatively new branch in BigR) hmm.. does that mean i look really fat that Kuya thinks i go to FF, or is it that i look trim (which i very highly doubt :P) i look like someone from FF? Mum says it's just the backpack, and yeah implicitly tells me am extremely paranoid :P


tibaks in the house

Stand-UP was in the WC tambayan, in time for the buddy bidding, to talk about why HSA was a bad idea to begin with. then i start missing debsoc and nonpartisanship, among all other things. thats me assuming WC has tight ties with LFS and other affiliated orgs with similar thrusts and freaking out about me -- then the red light inside my head lights up and says, "wrong choice, honey" and gives me that impulse to start moping about not thinking about thaaat. until one smart one smart kid (who happened to be part of DS) piped in asking about WC's political stance. Moki saves the day by saying, WC's neutral, nonpartisan and encourages its members to have their own set of opinions. nobody forces anything to anyone :D and i thought it was really dumb of me to not ask and start moping.

fridayis tibak night still. were all going to the Stand UP-hosted kapihan at the Hardin ng mga Diwata for a cultural night. just when i was thinking about not coming and all, April says, dapat ngayon palang nagpapa-good shot na kayo samen. okay. and then i decide i should come. but yeah, am not too freaked out about friday night. i kinda want to go to the poetry reading din :)


i just had to write about this :D 105 today is speak up day and the group brought two people from BPI. yeah yeah, there has to be no comparison... but i just had to say it it because it is working for me :D Krip(?) is from the Ateneo and Lesther is (woot!) from UP and from Ma'am GVT's 106 class. and to justify this, i say the comparison is inevitable :) Lesther definitely outperformed the Aboy :) and yes i know it is not a god idea to gauge school's by listening to one member of the population, butsill :) haha, give this to me, it made my day :)

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