Friday, July 20, 2007

BA third front

am now on Rach's lappy here in the lobby. i wait for her while she gets the car from law from her sister. i sit here in solitude err.. not exactly, kanina ka was here and ermm.. i have clover ships and a bottle of c2 for company :) and now friendcess is here :D -- asking about harry for tom :)


the worst thing in the world -- poopy and sleepy and helpless about it. and friendcess says yes :P we were at gia's last night working our asses off for that 102 report on celebrity endorsers. and no sleep. lemme say that again, NO SLEEP. no freakinshuteye. well i kinda had, twentyfreakin minutes. dude, ive been awake for 31 hours! ayayay. goodbye dreams about good skin. and rach is here -- and si friendcess papasok na. and rach says yes about the poopy-ness. yes, like Rj Ledesma says, there's weird humor about bodily excretions.

the 102 report was kinda okay. and for me, i talked to much. like the way i always do when i try to cope with extreme pressure and stress that i cant run away from. err.. like that report earlier. i felt like a running faucet that i couldnt turn off. you can just imagine how frustrating that was -- and no, contrary to popular belief, i wasnt, i repeat WAS NOT grandstanding. who would grandstand that way when i couldnt even get good grip of the words i use. arhgh, that bxtch of stuttering. die you freakin thing, die!


i figured i was really very tense earlier because iw as literally hurling invectives at every possible inanimate object. and then later, the i couldnt stop saying the g-word, and the f-word, the s-word said the UP way and all those amateur badmouthing. i am not ususally panicky, at least i'd like to think am not, but this morning i was jumpy like crazy. and let me just let this thing out --- shiyeet.

eveything to day was a bad blow to my ego. and no, this is not about some random person fxckxng the day out for me. it's an ego issue thing. pft. when things cdan freakin go wrong, they always freakin do.

and no am not an angry kid. just an angry writer today :)

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