Sunday, July 22, 2007

i want to think it's just the estrogen

before anything, UP's playing UST in the UAAP for the 4pm game today. last i looked, it was a 1-point gap in favor of the freakintigers. and and.. Mike's the ultimate, mehn :) i read Collegian yesterday and his foto was in the sports section and he was basically what the article was about. dude, twentyfreakinfour points from game3 :D am proud :) een after the third straight loss, there's still a glimmer of hope in me they'll smash UST today. tehee. and faith in the team. yehess, blind sticky fans is what school spirit's for :)

checked again, UP Pep Drummers played for halftime. my drummer boy on tv :) *haha, ditzy boy-crazy person -- spotted. am seriously not, eye candies are just ffffun :D* and then i checked again, shet tambak na UP by 12. aaaa! and noo, they took Mike out. pft. and infernes kay Joe Lipa, his last words according to the courtside reporter were 'let's make our first victory memorable'. talk about faith. that's the faith, dude :D

checked again, 12 parin. Mike's back. haha, natatawa ko, as if by this show of support mananalo kame. anyhoo, if in case (by some twist of faith :P) manalo Maroons today, i'll forever love Mike na :) haha.


super random thought from two weeks ago: i think short men/boys (SMB from hereon :P) are interesting. i just figured, i have never been floored by a tall person/boy(TPB from hereon :P) >>random UAAP update muli: tambak's down by 10, thanks to Mike :D 4th quarter coming up! -- it's shameful how UP people are happy with a "mere" 10-point lead, from the other team, haha) i think the more interesting ones were SMB's i have known/met. i heard someone say, SMB's think they more to prove than the next average TPB. *cough* there are some though that overrrr compensate and end up being really rude and arrogant and ginormous airheads *cough* but yeah, interesting how i say my vote goes to TPB's, but find the SMB's more endearing :)


this is scary. ive never blown my top off like that. something must be terribly wrong with the hormones. ive been a little too testy the past days err... no weeks. i always say my patience is one for the books, but lately, iv'e been angry more than usual. hay Lord, my PMS is getting scary.

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