Monday, February 25, 2008

I guess it’s never too late to say my Thankyous :)

I am not such a fan of birthdays, or big events for that matter. But this year, the year I can be legally illegal, I have so many people to thank for the time they took out to send some birthday love.

To my earliest greeters Princess Moleta (for the love, sober or otherwise – “lobster” takes on a new meaning now. Haha!) Rachelle Lim (for being always, always available every time I need to drag people to the happy place that is Eastwood), Paolo Valdez (my favourite “character builder”), who all sent in their love a few minutes after the clock struck 12. You guys made my night. Thank you for getting un-jaded with me in the Spiderwick jump. Three cheers to you my all-time favourite betches! Thank you!

To the people who answered my pathetic YM stat message announcing, “soliciting birthday greetings” the first hour of my birthday and wished me a happy day: Miguel Juat, Kriselda Cabrera, and Princess Moleta again for replying to the stat message pa rin. Thank you!

To the people who took the time out to send sweet SMSs: April Agustin, Ayen Luna, Kat Mangubat, Uncle Eric, Jamie Santelices, Dianne Miranda, Mark Francisco, KC Reyes, Albie Flores (Sweeeeeet! You never forget! MY love goes out to youuuu!), Eds Serrano (for the love, you know I love you), Cho Gonzaga (who really made my day, gusto kong umiyak nalala mo ko, Cho!), Paolo Medina, Camille Soliven, Brian Almocera, Ging Sabido, Ate Emily and Uncle Jo, Dianne Miranda again (for greeting the second time, haha).

To the people who replied to my second pathetic YM stat, “soliciting birthday greetings, still” the night of the twentieth: Moses Alcid (who I had to remind about my birthday, but I forgive anyway cos the betch has this weird spell, he acts all stupid but I love him anyway), Gabb Agapito (aka Mahal, who I literally had to solicit the greeting from, but I forgive again, cos I love him immensely as well), Cuayo Juico (who gave me a “virtual” rose and assured me he is “doing everything in his power” to ensure we get a good feasib grade” *wink wink*), Cams Vidad (my forever favourite ES groupmate, makakabawi din tayo!), KC Agustin (for Superpoking me AND greeting me still over at YM because she says she doesn’t know which one I prefer. That was really sweet, thank you!), Danielle Escano (who I am still convinced is one of the sweetest girls around. We will get to see each other soon in a gig, I promise!), Trish Velez, Tet Grajo, and Kristel Leonardo. Thank you!

To the people who gave me the sparkly “virtual” greetings *oyeh, I am such virtual community junkie* over at Friendster: Ate Joy Andres, Ate Shiela, Adelaine Arias, and Mary Anne Gultia. Over at Multiply, thank you Bojy Domingo. And over at Facebook, Jennifer Ngo, Jessica Hermosa, Jerrick Parrone, Rachelle Lim (yes, I think the virtual cake will be better than the DQ one!), Kuya Jon Lim, and my lovely, lovely cousin, Danica Engua (my love goes out to you, thank you for making me feel really loved. Love you dude!).

To the people who justified the late greetings, Haha! My love still really goes out to you all, I am touched by the SMSs: Bernadette Cordero (it was definitely a pleasant surprise to receive birthday greetings from you!), Evanel Policarpio, Christine Soliman ( I really enjoyed our conversation from last Saturday. You are sorely missed, we should see each other very soon!), Lahainie Crisostomo (yes, we shall sleep over soon). And the Gia Luga greeting the day after. Thank you!

Also, to the people who sent in their birthday love through my Mother and through other people, thank you! Tita Teena (who I love to bits for the love she has for my Mum and for me, too), Mommy Lucy, Uncle Dennis, Kuya Tonton, Tita Tess Olaguer (who I found out celebrates her birthday ont he same day -- happy birthday, too!), and this little boy Daren who is a regular at the shop who I found out wants to send his birthday greetings, too! Thank you!

I am not very sure how my thankyous will get to all of you you,since I know only a handful of you visit this blog. But if by some lucky circumstance you chance upon this entry, please send some love and be heard! Send some love over at the chatterbox or post a comment.

Again, my love goes out to you all. You guys made me happy by remembering, Thankyouuuuu! :)


  1. :)
    i'm happy you had fun. so, tagaytay? :D

  2. Let's go -- but let's find the "driver" muna :P You go find yours first? :) Haha!


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