Sunday, July 11, 2010

Unguarded Confession

I want a relationship where you're 3 years in and things are just comfortable. The kind where you're in long enough to know each other well,  quirks and all, but short enough that it doesn't feel like forever. The kind where you can hold the other's hands and and not worry if your hands are clammy. The kind where you can stay in on Friday nights to just eat and talk and stay up late cos it's a Friday. The kind where things are easy and steady and fun and just right.

Back story, this sentiment is of course inspired by the Liz Lemon dialogue about wanting a relationship where you're 12 years in. The one where you can watch TV at night without anybody trying any funny business. This dialogue that I remembered during my flight back to Manila when I wished there was someone I could hold hands with because the aircon was cold, because I was bored, and because yeah, your heart is where your mind goes when it wanders.

I'd like to think the first half year of the relationship is always exciting. Everything's new, everything's all roses. You discover so many things and you think they're all adorable. Plus at this point, I think you still are both trying to win each other over, maybe unwittingly. I'd take this happy giddy any day. But I just think there's a quiet and steady kind of happy you have when you're in for say, 3 years.

When you've been together 3 years, the excitement maybe has toned down a few notches, but is happily replaced by a calm assurance that this thing isn't folding up tomorrow. Things are not new anymore but they are familiar and reassuring. At this point, you know each other pretty well, you take most of the guessing out. Things pretty much feel like the real thing. It's that warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy from the steady assurance.

I'm 23 and still too young to be tired from you know, wading through the pool of adult dating. But I just can't help but want to skip through the rough first parts and head straight to the 3-year mark. It's just so inviting and happy and steady. Plus I just caught the Monica and Chandler engagement episode and it was just so warm and heartfelt and real and makes you realize that's what you want :)

A girl can dream yeah?

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