Tuesday, February 05, 2008

In your face incoherence

I am just so overwhelmed with everything. I have marketing to do and it's not helping that that for the most part, the answers I get are mostly NO. I am still hungover with feasib, and that's something I pretty much cannot do anything about.

Okay, let's use kidspeak and let's make my life easier. I am sad. I don't know what will make me happy(er) and I am thinking that's the harder part. I can't possibly keep on going out because after some time, THE Friends will get tired of the Whiny Kid, and resources will run out. I cant keep forcing people to throw out money at eating places that make us pay outrageous service charge, just because I feelbad and I need company. But on second thought, maybe my friends are spineless people and I can bully them some more :P Oh, I love my friends! (That was the first statement of my life that is not , laced with any trace of sarcasm. I am proud). Thank heavens for friends who won't admit they love you, but go out of their way to show you :)

Three cheers for you my lovely, spineless bitches! I am fighting the urge to actually say I Love You, because I know I shall never be forgiven for this one little slip. Heehee. That felt better :)

But still. In true Whiny Kid fashion -- Gah, this sucks. I hate it when I'm stuck in a rut I have no idea how to get out of (which is almost all the time). Thanks to THE friends, but my battle cry still is -- So much to do, so little resolve to start working.

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