Friday, December 01, 2006

i suck at titles

this was what i was wishing for when i was in high school -- that the 7-day week be divided fairly into two: 2 days for school and 5 days for weekend. and just this week, the wish has been granted. i went to school monday and tuesday and from there, weekend galore. first it was the holiday then the super bagyo -- and my 5-day weekend was finally brought to life :)

i din't exacly like it -- cos for the past two days,
ze housemates (who incidentally happened to be my, ehem, parents) were acting like two high school kids dissing each other, passing each other by pretending to not see the other. and if they ever try to recognize each other, they do so in voices that could well reach to the natives of Benguet. (ooh btw, we live in Rizal, a good hundred plus plus kilometers from the mountanous terrains aforementioned.) anyway, just this morning, after what seemd like a shouting match that could well go on forever, they finally patched things up. and just like high school couples who just kissed and made up (take note, i said UP not OUT. sorry, major eew.) they were unbelievably mushy AND very nice to each other. and howell, we ended up eating out -- haha, the perks of overly happy parents.

ze parents a LOT, if in case the concluded from above is otherwise. but then again, just like any normal kid, i still get freaked out with the intricacies of the complex legal union that is marriage.

this entry's supposed to be a show of gratitude. for one the super typhoon that is
Reming in the P.I. and Durian internationally skipped Rizal and the MM altogether. the house is situated pretty ideally, close to the foot of the hills of Antipolo. never has flooding been a problem for us given that we are situated on higher ground relative to the rest of Rizal. but we still, not exactly dread but more like, are bothered about impending heavy rains. given that we are by the hillsides, landslides are the ultimate threat we are faced with. so thank you Lord for sparing us from the super typhoon.

for another, the news flashed stories of people who got badly injured from the super typhoon that swept Bicol. there were stories of deaths, lost house houses, and severe injusries. one man lost his arm which was severed by a flying GI sheet from the neighbor's roof.
thank you Lord that i am warm and cozy and safe.

wow, that was a lot. was just trying to practice gratitude. because as Blink 182 says:
'it's just the little things..."

p.s. am watching Happy Feet tom :)

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