Friday, December 01, 2006

Del's back :)

So Del's back. She was prolly gone for a good couple of weeks, and listening to her and Chico's morning show while she was gone, weirldy isn't the same. I've been listening to them since I was in third grade -- my one undying devotion :P Hhaha I've loved their tandem since -- they're both witty and I enjoy the senseless, aimless conversations they pepper the show with. This with their smart views, they're the only ones who can make me laugh even when am still half asleep. Their chemistry is incredible. And it has to be chico AND del. Cos it's totally not the same when one's missing.

Am still feeling sick, although not as snotty. Kinda got to reading marketing. Never got to the second chapter though, cos I got the hang of reading
Like Water for Chocolate. I've been reading it since this morning and I just couln't stop, i'ts Mexican and it kinda goes like your average everyday soap complete with the stereotypical bida with and evil witch for a mum. Am not yet done though, so my comments are very permature. Am nearing the december part and am hoping to finish by tonight :)

Random observation:
Jays are hot. For one, my super kaduper object of affection, who btw happens to be queer, Jai Rodriguez of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The guy is just so hot. No explanations. For another, Jay Manuel, who also happens to be gay, the cute dude from America's Next Top Model who directs the foto shoots. Spotted him earlier in Tyra and according to Tyra, he happensto know everything. Tyra shot him with very random questions like the origin of sesame seeds, and two other weirdly random questions which I can't remember anymore. And he gave witty believable answers. Petty trivia sucker = v. hot -- has a makeup line in his name, though. HOT. not. (wuh).

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