Thursday, November 30, 2006

Now know what Vvvvvacteria is

I am drowning in snot. I don't know where i got my sipon (although am betting Valdez brought in the communicable whatever and infected me and rach). And now, am an inch away from saying, am down with the flu. Wow, and i thought I was safe -- with the flu vaccine and all.

Wednesday free day today and I was supposed to read for marketing. And finance. But I felt super weak and I ended up sleeping the day off. I said I wan't goin ta watch much boobie tubie and actually start reading -- on the first part I was kinda successful. But on the Starting Reading part, Sgot drowsy already after less than 5 pages. so off I went to dreamland. I feel so heavy (lazy :P) and couldn't get off my bun.

Because I said just not much boobie tubie, still had my little fix. I was on ETC when I saw the ad for Happy Feet. It's a feature where they got the voice overs say something about the movie. Two days ago I just wanna go see, but today I soo wanna watch. Someone plaese watch with me :)

Dad texted and said that there was an announcement about no classes tom. All levels including metro manila. Good cos i can rest. Bad cos rach said it's a super bagyo and now mum doesn't want me off for tom night anymore :( I think it's bye tiende barbecue dinner, and worse -- bye posh, huge Istarbak Frontera. Dati I like rainy days. Not today. Not when it cancels planned thingums.

Thas supposed to be the last, but I just don't like ending on a sad not -- cos i always do :P Hmm, random story. I just finished Friendcess' Twisted by J.Zafra. No better company on snot-nosed days.

P.S. am thinking my sipon is an allergic reaction. And i have a hunch am reacting to that Angel's Breath spritz I got myself a few weeks ago. No, hindi pwede. I love Angel's Breath, I almost jumped like a gradeschooler when I saw it was out again at Watsons. No. Repeat, I am not allergic to Angel's Breath.

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