Tuesday, November 28, 2006

today is the ultimate example of my life's struggle with making a stand and defining my priorities. last night was spent thinking about how to skip law class meeting with groupmates. my meager three-hour time allotment before shuteye time is divided among studying for the 7a class, cramming, reading non-acad related materials aka chic lit and/or j.zafra, watching john lloyd sa channel2 -- and last night, downloading the corporation code so i have a reason to skip the frigging meeting. haha for the first time, i felt like i had the moral high ground over everyone else cos i had the entire effin corporation code burned in my expensive cd :P

my stars were listening :) 182 i spot my law groupmate. i go to her after class and ask her if she can please do me a favor and hand the group my contribution cos my last class ends at 3p. kinda felt guilty cos she took in everything i said very graciously and even told me she'll text me the outcome of the meeting. ha! attempt successful :)

finally after successfully ditching the meeting, we agreed on the final istarbak afternoon coffee fix :) chocolate cream. alavet. its not overpowering, sweet enough, and good for those i-don't-feel-like-having-coffee days -- pardon my raving, am just not youreveryday adventurous consumer :P

anyway, this is like three posts late -- starbucks is amazing. not the coffee part. it's so packed and the lines have at least three people any given time. sometimes i feel like the entire student population of katipunan stay there. altogether. at the same time. weird though, cos when you think about it it's supposed to be the quiet coffee shop where you can read in peace. but no, with the amount of people in there, is sometimes feels like a jollibee joint where you wait on tables for people to get up so you get a seat. howel, goood advertising.

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