Sunday, November 26, 2006

writing a lot (too much)

am loving writing here :) for one, this thing does not shove random updates up people's noses about when i blog, and i don't think about any audience. alavet:)

it's weird cause performance anxiety gets the better of me and i can't realy write write. this is good because no one has gotten here yet. well, at least for now.

been thinking about law school lately. rach is finally convinced about giving in to her parents' wishes, she's getting into law school. instant law school friend, one reason to get there. (and a very pushover-y one at that :P) for another, are required to take 160 business law and the labor code in HR and looking into laws is one way to get me interested. i would love the say rubbing elbows with lawyers and people knowledgeable in law helps too, unfortunately not in my case:P
i think back and i remember that after ditching my dream to become a biochemist, i shifted my focus into becoming a lawyer, i was ten i think. way with words aka bluffing made me, for the longest time, be demented (or naive) enough to believe it can get you through law school. haha. seriously, dedicating my entire existence to mastering the laws of the land --not very sure. am thinking about how fickle i am and how i easily get bored ( undiagnosed ADD kid :P) getting into law school needs a lot of thinking. and mom says praying.
it's been months since tet last sent me a reply. it's kind of getting tiring already to be writing letters and waiting to be written back. i don't know what happened to him. last i heard of him, he landed a job at the airport to get way cheaper tickets for his flight home next year. sending angry/emo/have-pity-write-me-please letters is very much not an option. i don't exactly know how we stand right now and the last thing i want to do is add unnecessary stress to his already very stressful life and homesick self. it kind of makes me think of myself as a master at letting go. haha.
am thinking of gettin another blog. the seemingly illiterate address of this blog (wuwi.blogspot) kind of made rethink my decision-making skills :P i don't know. *bouts with plummeting self-esteem setting in* everyone seems to be thinking up really characteristic names and themes for their things and i don't don't. okay am stoping right there.

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