Sunday, November 26, 2006

the guisewite ramblings

Albeit the huge amount of schoolwork that looms over me, I find so much time to catch up on non-academic related reading -- and that does not necessarily mean I get the school work done :P Just a few days ago, I closed Bergdorf Blondes and squirmed as the chic lit that it is ended up appalingly incredible. AsJulie Bergdorf says, devastating -- in a complimenting way. I hate happy endings, they don't always happen in real life. And so to balance the ultimately rosy, unbelievably perfect lives in fiction (ooh, and with an incredulous, neverending cash flow, must I add) i read THE Jessica Zafra. and yes, she still doesn't fail to give me the frigging inferiority complex. She writes so well, it's as if the words just zap off her fingers into those unbelievable articles.

Which brings me to this, half way into business school, i ask myself if what am preparing to be doing is what i would really like to be doing in the next twenty or so years. I find myself getting into writing more and more -- and loving it. Although when i think about it, writing and business (aka ze corporate life) aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. So I prolly can get into business and still get on with my writing. Yeah. hat. *I get images of me writing for a living, working for some posh lifestyle magazine.-- scratch that. I don't know.

It's eleven in the morning and I seriously think I should be on with my writing for the Labor Code for my HR class. My deadline's in three hours and i haven't started reading my matter. Before I get into that, images of last night's dinner are swimming inside my head. Hafta write.

I've been itching to write about it the moment I started laughing my head off about that parking glitch. Even harder when a stranger went up to us and told us how to manuever the darn wheel -- of course I was stifling the laughter in between my thank yous. We're still polite like that :) Ooh, winner line -- "Pag nag-turn ka to the right, bawi agad to the left! traighten your wheel. Nag-aaral palang kyo mag-drive ano?" Haha, in fairness to the white-haired man, he delivered his lines sans the condescension AND with a very father-like I Want To Help You With Your Driving Mga Anak tone.

So yeah, dinner was chicken with this white-with-i-think-its-parsely sauce. Pretty good, although a wee bit too bland. Mashed potatoes that they call rustic had 3 out of four parts of whole garlic, partly why I didn't finish it. Plus eggs, and I think I got three of em. I asked for sunny-side up thas well done and scrambled. I ended up with a plate of all scrambled eggs. They were kind enough to not take half of the scrambled eggs and serve it to some other uninformed customer :) And saving the best for last, my super favorite, their pancakes. It was fluffy, soft -- basta sarap! I had one plain and the other with maple syrup. Heaven! (n' eggs. Haha)

Conversations weren't juicy exactly. I loved the laidback feel, partly cguro because we were tired, an inch away from liyng down the wooden seats and dozing off. We were supposed to resolve this issue/dilemma, but we had too much other random kwento, we went home with still no answer. Ooh, the general consensus was -- you can choose your friends :)

I'll start on my 152 write-up -- so I can get on to reading Confessions Of A Shopaholic + Like Water For Chocoloate :) I loove leisure reading. Sana Finance has characters that are as interesting. Hay.

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