Saturday, November 25, 2006

Screw Control Freaks

Aangsty na naman. Ii know you all say :) Bbefore i validate that statement, let me get to this first --- it's a beatuiful friday morning and i did get a very good night's sleep. Wwoke up at 5a to the message of the 182 prof saying we're not having the 7a class today. So i continue my sweet slumber and kinda just got up again a good twenty minutes ago. Ffor another, there's a huge chance of us going again to that happy place that is Libis later tonight:) Ooh, and am getting my coffee fix later during my *gasp* 5-hour break.

Too cheerful. Onto my validation of that initial statement i so know is on people's thought bubbles -- enlighten me please. I don't get it what's with people who for some crappy reason or another, mostly because of fear (although indirectly), screws other people's lives by meddling. I mean yes, gratitude is a given and i definitely believe eveyone should learn that, but there's a fine line. The divide that says gratitude should never be coerced. Gratitiude is something given, not demanded.

Howell, this isn't called a ranting audience for nothing. After all, it will take a while (a long one) before i actually get these aired out. Or i prolly won't even get to that.

Again, when i think about it, that thing up there shoulda been, screw control freaks, screw me. I know I am. The easy explanations to all those irrational fears. Yeah, i know.

Gotta get going. Off to school.

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