Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The story of the (LONG) overdue external drive

The macbook died Thursday night in the middle of the movie The Blind Side and hasn't woken up since. Yesterday Monday, I told the boss about the hard drive crash. He gave the resounding assurance that the macbook can be brought back to life, all files intact, by the trusty Apple shop LMK.

Today, a sunny Tuesday, I finally brought it to the computer doctor at Magallanes. When the technician heard me say " white screen with the blinking folder and the question mark, he immediately said, "replace hard drive." It's fried and unsave-able.

This all means we are replacing the hard drive and expanding RAM and most importantly, taking out files from the work computer that aren't really supposed to be there. Like what you say? Um, I'll take a wild shot and say maybe the complete first to third season of The Office? Among the many other NBC shows clogging my work hard drive? :p

This is why I need a Seagate 500GB external hard drive.

Now even my Compaq is filled to the brim. I have probably about a good 6GB of free space. And that is not looking very good considering the used up space doesn't include my future plans of saving the 3rd season of Gossip Girl and the seventh season of Grey's Anatomy. I see the end of my 6GB of free space very soon.

Must get external hard drive. NOW. The thing is, in the world of scarce resources this decision is becoming one between that pretty ceramic white Fossil watch and the practical Seagate 500GB of delicious free space. Boo economics of scarce resources.

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