Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Gym Love Lost?

It's probably been a month since I started going cold on the gym going. I've been skipping classes like crazy.

The onset of this year has been pretty tough. I started gaining after the Combat event in November last year and it's been a slide since. It didn't help that after November came December and then January aka the 2-month long holiday season in the Philippines aka excellent excuse to screw dieting (or delusions of it) and go (way) easy on the physical activities. And then February is the birthday month. And just when I was about to jump back to the regular fitness grind, March came and brough a week-long work visitor from Sg. This still meant eating and crazy hours, most of which away from the gym. As far as April is concerned, I still haven't come up with a good excuse.

It's been more than a year since I joined FF Eastwood. A part of me thinks the 'honeymoon' is over? A year ago I'd be pulling my hair out if I missed Combat by a few minutes. For a good number of weeks now, I come up with crazy lame-ass excuses to skip it. What is wrong with me?

Am I bored now? Is this health thing really not for me? Oh god, I hope the latter isn't true. I wish with all my heart this just is a phase.

But you know how it is with fitness, the longer you put it off the harder it is to get back? I think that's where the frustration comes from. I think the fun is directly proportional to the performance. The better you perform, the more you like to keep doing it. But now that I am such a lazy ass, my endurance is suffering along with my form. Bad performance, not fun. This is a BAD chicken-egg thing.

How to get the love back?

I've been planning for a few months now to get into boxing. I talked to Lour before and she invited me to box with her at the Elorde Gym in Home Depot. I hope to get me new gloves and am good to run. I hope this thing gets me running again.

I want it to be fun again. I want me to be excited about going. Hay, please let it be fun again.

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