Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oh, the guilt

Hullo 2008. This is gonna be a happier post than the last one :P

The (badass) holidays are getting in the (freaking) way of our feasib. *oh, happy post, happy post, heehee* You know how when you're supposed to be working on something, something as important as the feasib (aka the BA version of a thesis), and you're not, you have this odd guilt welling up inside you? Oh well, this is what the holidays has been about for me. Gah, sucks. You get around not doing what your supposed to be doing -- but the guilt KILLS. Seriously kills. Haha.

It's the holidays for, crying out loud. Party-ing, going out, bumming and doing shxtty unproductive things should be guilt-free. But nooooooo. With every non-feasib thing I do, i have this nagging little voice in my head that tells me, "Heyo lazyass betch, work, work, work!" Hayayayay.

Okay, so this is a rant entry. Whatever. Screw happy thoughts, may temporary shortage. IT's all about the guilt and trying to get over it -- in vaaaaaain. Haha. But you know me, guilt or no-guilt, i find ways. Ways to um, try to ignore the guilt. (Huh? Labo nun, ah. Ohwell.) So here's why the guilt's all worth it. Heehee.

He's gonna mary meee :P Haha, joke lang. My favorite-est drummer :) Gah, i never get his angle right. And I look trashy. Boo.

Wala lang. I don't like him a lot, but since I always look prettier in fotos with him, i'll put this up narin :P And well okay, he's cute. Heehee.

And because it's all about boys -- my favorite-est boy :) All together now, awww :) *random kid, heehee :P*

Okay, with that over and done with, I shall deal with the guilt and that betch of a nagging voice inside my head, I shall write NOW :) Bye.

P.S. Oh, last last, I just figured now that I want a Starbucks planner pala. Boo. So, with 17 stickers to go *scramble, scramble* I shal drink all the caffeine my system can take (erm, mabye even more). That's the lastlast, for real -- Okay, off to writing :)

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