Sunday, November 08, 2009

Boot Love

When it comes to delicious looking shoes, Steve Madden's always got it covered. This is how I got into online window shopping. The sad part is hanggang window lang, I never get to the shopping part. Hahaha. The yummy thing about online window shopping is that you get to see everything without the tiring walking. Plus online, everything's limitless. You can go from boots, to sandals, to platforms, to other outrageous kinds of shoes without the annoying and judgy sales lady looking over your shoulder. Oh pet peeves, I think I just gave myself away.

Just recently, boots are becoming the new sneakers. I love it how you can now wear boots on a regular day without getting weird looks from your average girl on the street. Boots give any look an oomph without trying too hard.
Now, where to get the perfect slouchy flat boot. These ones I saw in Steve Madden. They're available in the online store but I don't really know if they sell these stocks locally.

This one has got the perfect boot I like down pat :D I'm picking between the grey and the brown. Grey's safe, brown has more character.

I think I'm ready for boots :)) Now just where to get them.

Dear Grey Boots, you will totally rock my deep indigo jeans and add zing to any blah shirt I will lapse and choose to wear. You shall have the honor of becoming my fab version of black Chucks.

Dear Tan Boots, the way I feel about you can be aptly expressed via an AJ Rafael original -- I Just Want Youuu :P
This other one I saw from the Dr. Martens online catalog. I

Dear Wunnerful White Printed Doc Martens, think I can pull you off :))

Hola dear boots, here I come :))

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